kirsty greene

Intuitive. Calming. Healing. 

A student of yoga for almost 14 years, Kirsty utilises Yin Yoga to maintain peace, clarity, supple joints and most importantly as an opportunity to dive deep into the self. A Yin practice with Kirsty promotes full body awareness, the art of surrendering, letting go, breath work and the cultivation of mindfulness. 

Acknowledging that tapping into the connective tissue and joints in the body with patience can stimulate emotions and thoughts, Kirsty encourages students to observe and witness these reactions, while maintaining stillness.

In Bali in 2013, Kirsty trained with Jo Phee and Joe Barnett - the lead students of Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley. Yin with Kirsty encompasses stretching the body, Qi Qong, myo-fasica release methods, acupressure and meditation. Kirsty is also a practicing nurse.