It is your responsibility to maintain a relationship with students on a professional basis. A good teacher – student relationship requires the teacher to have high standards of professional conduct. Yoga teachers need to respect the rights and dignity of all students. They also need to respect the trust placed in the teacher by the student. The following codes emphasise trust and safety as the basis for the teacher / student relationship. (Please note, here the word ‘student’ includes those attending yoga classes, workshops, teacher trainees and those being mentored).

1.    Respect and rights

Good Vibes teachers will demonstrate respect to all students regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, physical and psychological limitation, sexual orientation or religious affiliation and respect the values, beliefs and aspirations of all yoga students.

2.    Confidentiality

Good Vibes staff and teachers will protect students privacy and right to confidentiality; treat all information about students as confidential; obtain consent from students before photographing, audio or video tape recording or permitting third party observation of yoga sessions; ask students permission before adding their names to print or email mailing lists and be clear about the content of mail-outs; respect also the students right to opt out of the mailing list.

3.    Effective communication

Relationships based on trust and clear communication enable teachers to work effectively with their students. Good Vibes teachers will: communicate with students in a courteous, respectful, compassionate and honest manner; communicate respect for students through actions, language and behaviour; listen to students needs, concerns, and preferences; communicate clearly about ways to practice yoga safely; be respectful when, physically adjusting a student; make comments about a student’s practice that are constructive and positive, not denigrating.

4.    Safety

Good Vibes teachers will: maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the teaching and practice of yoga; maintain safety procedures for yoga equipment; support the safety of students in the teaching of yoga; adhere to relevant legislative requirements relating to safety and care including Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Duty of Care requirements; maintain public liability and professional indemnity insurance requirements; maintain current first aid training qualification and competency.

5.    Professional boundaries

Good Vibes teachers will be considerate of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of students; be considerate of the preferences and limitations of students; maintain appropriate professional boundaries; recognise the power-imbalance between teacher and student and not harass or exploit students physically, psychologically, emotionally, sexually or financially; declare and take appropriate steps to address any conflict of interest that may arise in dealings with students; avoid relationships that could compromise the integrity of the teacher-student relationship. 

6.    Grievances

Good Vibes teachers and staff acknowledge the students' right to make a complaint and work with Good Vibes management to take all necessary actions to resolve any complaints or grievances.