Jennalea mcinnes

Nourishing. Down-to-earth. Magnetic.

Every day Jennalea falls more in love with yoga. Her practice has taken her on a journey of self-inquiry and created a sense of inner peace and connectedness. The immense gratitude she feels for yoga provides the foundation upon which her classes are built.   

Jennalea’s classes are nurturing and powerful. Her beautifully personal approach and love for hands-on assisting allow for a connection with each individual in the room, whilst her creative and playful flow sequencing unites the class in a collective state of intra and inter-personal connectivity.

Her aim for her students is to cultivate in them the same devotion, passion and trust in the practice and process of yoga, that has been so transformative in her own life.

Jennalea completed her training at Power Living Australia Yoga. She is currently studying Nutritional Medicine, with a passion for holistic, natural approaches to preventing disease and disharmony in the body.