kelvin wong

Strong. Vibrant. Engaging.

Born and bred in Singapore. Kelvin moved down under at the end of 2002 to pursue a degree in Journalism, after serving two years in the military, which he believes not only made him physically stronger but more importantly mentally tougher.  

Prior to that Kelvin had never maintained a healthy diet and lifestyle and it was only through the advice of his only Sister that he discovered yoga 10 years ago. Fuelled by curiosity, passion, love and the connection between yoga and the mind - kelvin's yoga journey begun. 

As a yoga teacher, Kelvin believes he is “forever a student”. His humility and eagerness to explore the different facets of yoga practice enable him to bring fresh insights into his creative and dynamic classes. 

Kelvin continue to inspire those around him with his infectious personality, warmth and humour. Expect a fun, strong practice with intuitive hands on adjustments.