Strong. Empowering. Mindful.

Manoj grew up amongst the temples and ashrams of Sri Lanka, but his yoga journey really began in 2007 after a sporting injury led him to seek yoga as a form of rehabilitation. Seduced by the physicality of the asana practice and the feeling of calm after class, he developed an on again off again relationship to the practice, jumping on and off the mat sporadically for numerous years.

Fast-forward 7 years, Manoj found himself weighed down by the rigors of a 10-year corporate marketing career which eventually led to a battle with a serious stress and anxiety disorder. After consulting numerous specialists and therapies without luck, he turned to meditation and yoga as a last ditch effort to help him recover. He did. 

The healing properties of a consistent Yoga and Meditation practice led him to travel the world learning from many great teachers. Manoj is now a firm believer in healing the body and mind from within through our capacity to live in awareness.

He spent many years looking for answers outside of himself, until he was shown the way to find them inside. His sole aim, as a yoga and meditation teacher, is to help others find healing through holistic practices that cultivate greater Self-awareness and the ability to live freely and fearlessly through the heart.

He is the co-founder of A-space.