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 Class Styles


Vinyasa Flow

Dynamic. Energetic. Strengthening. 

Vinyasa Flow is a medium to high intensity class.

This class combines the flowing style of Vinyasa ('movement with breath') with a series of strong and powerful postures. Each Vinyasa Flow class targets physical strength and flexibility throughout the entire body.

While maintaining a clear focus on alignment and awareness of breath, these classes build internal heat and aid to detoxify the body. Energising and nourishing, Vinyasa Flow will increase physical and mental discipline. 

Expect to get your heart rate up in this uplifting class. Vinyasa Flow is most suited to those with some yoga experience.


Keep it Mellow

Mindful. Cathartic. Fluid.  

Keep It Mellow is a 'slow flow' yoga class. It's ideal for those days when you want to cultivate awareness of movement and breath at a steady pace. These sessions are centred around not only conditioning the body, but to improving temperament, discipline and mental focus. 

Taken at a slower pace than our Vinyasa Flow class, this style is still strong and physically dynamic. The slower transitions between poses encourage mindfulness, resilience and self-compassion. 

Keep It Mellow is a good option for newer students ready to explore their practice beyond our Beginners classes. 


Beginners Flow

Simple. Spacious. Supportive. 

Find your feet in Beginners Flow before jumping into our Vinyasa Flow classes. This foundational Vinyasa (‘movement with breath’) class is designed with our newer students in mind. Students will be guided through a 75 min flow that builds on breath awareness, safe alignment and the simple principles of yoga. Each class targets physical strength and flexibility throughout the entire body.


Relaxing. Passive. Nurturing.

A restorative class to unwind and de-stress. Yin Yoga is an ancient practice that is designed to stretch the body and work into connective fascial tissue, a balance to the more dynamic Yang practices.

In a Yin class, floor poses are held for 4-6 minutes, each targeting joint and ligament stress and enabling muscles to soften. In holding poses for longer periods of time, Yin Yoga cultivates a sense of surrender.

A powerfully therapeutic class, Yin is ideal for highly active people – runners, cyclists, regular yoga practitioners -  as well as anyone wanting to release tightness in their body.  You will leave feeling lighter, more flexible, and with a more open body, mind and heart. 

Perfect for all levels of experience, even beginners.

Core and Release

Powerful. Energising. Stabilising.

Core & Release is a 75 minute class tailored to create a strong physical foundation through muscle conditioning work. Drawing from both yoga and pilates, our teachers deliver a powerful system of exercise focusing on core and pelvic floor strength, torso stability and spinal alignment.

In the final stages of the class you'll be guided through movement to release the major muscle groups in the body. 

This class is open level and perfect for anyone who experiences tightness in their body. It is especially good for runners, cyclists and sports people.