Is my pass or membership valid across both the Northcote and Collingwood studio?

Yes absolutely, all passes and memberships give you access to both studios. This excludes ‘Intro Weeks’ and ‘Intro Months’. These are studio specific. More details below.

Is it ok if I’ve never done yoga before?

Yes, absolutely! We run an absolute beginners class on Saturday mornings in Collingwood and on Sunday mornings in Collingwood.  You are also welcome to join any of our ‘Keep It Mellow’, ‘Vinyasa Focus’, ‘Core & Release’ and ‘Yin’ classes. Please let the teacher know you are new to yoga and always practice at your own pace. And don’t worry there are no intimidation mirrors in our studios and honestly no one will be looking at you.

I've done an ‘Intro Week’ and ‘Intro Month’ in Northcote. Will I be able eligible for an an ‘Intro Week’ and ‘Intro Month’ in Collingwood?

You sure can! Our ‘Intro Week’ and ‘Intro Month' offers are studio specific meaning an 'Intro Week Northcote' can only be used in Northcote and 'Intro Week Collingwood' will only allow you to book classes in Collingwood. The good news is you can take up the into offers at both studios and you can do these at anytime and in any order.

What can I expect from Good Vibes?

We believe yoga is for everybody. We strive to create a welcoming, relaxed and professional environment where every student will feel comfortable no matter what their age or level of experience or fitness. Our team of team is very approachable and always around to answers and questions you may have about the practice. Don’t be shy.

How can I create an account and book into classes?

We recommend downloading and booking through our App to reserve a place in each class. You may also sign up through the MindBody website if you do not have access to a smart phone. If you prefer not to book a head of time please understand that we cannot guarantee you a place in the class.

What is the Good Vibes studio etiquette?  

  • Check-in at reception before all classes.

  • Arrive at least ten minutes before class as late admittance is discouraged and cannot be guaranteed.

  • No personal belongings in the yoga room other than water and towel.

  • Please place your phone on silent upon entering the studio. Strictly no phones to be used in the yoga rooms.

  • Please commit to staying in the room for the entire class. If you need a break you take Child’s Pose or just lie down and chill.

  • Listen carefully to the teachers instructions and follow them.

  • Please observe silence while in the yoga rooms.

What if I have an injury or feel unwell?

If you have an injury please get the all clear from your doctor before attending our classes. Make the teacher aware of all injuries before the class. Listen to what your body is telling you and move accordingly.

Please do not practice if you have a cold or flu as you risk more harm to yourself as well as others around you. Stay home and take rest. We reserve the right to refuse entry to class if you present unwell.

This is my first time at good vibes do you have any offers?

Yes, we offer a one time per studio introductory offer. 7 days of unlimited yoga for $30 and 1 month of unlimited yoga for $100. It’s the best way to explore a range of classes and teachers.

How do I purchase a Gift Card?

Easy. You can purchase a range of Gift Cards online through MindBody and have them delivered directly to the recipient via email or you can simply print the card out and give it to them yourself. Alternatively you can visit us at reception and we can help you out.

How you I redeem a Gift Card?

If you’re already a Good Vibes student can redeem your Gift Card via our App or the MindBody website (the MindBody App does not have the capability). Simply book into the class you want to attend. You’ll be prompted to pay at which point select that correct pass correlates with your Gift Card ie. ‘5 class pass’. You’re then be directed to a checkout page which allows to enter the voucher number. Done.

If you’ve never practiced with us and you don’t have an existing MindBody account you’ll need to create a profile through our App. If you have an existing MindBody account you can login through the MindBody website (the MindBody App does not have the capability to redeem Gift Cards). Next, book into the class you want to attend. You’ll then be prompted to pay at which point select that correct pass correlates with your Gift Card ie. ‘5 class pass’. You’re then be directed to a checkout page which allows to enter the voucher number and redeem it.

What can I do if the app is not working?

If you encounter a problem with the app please first make sure you have all the latest software updated on your phone and the latest version of the app. Still no joy you can try deleting and re-installing the app.

I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password please use the recover password function at login the login screen of our app. If you are still having trouble please call the studio or visit one of our team at reception and we’ll get you to create a new one. 


How warm is the yoga studio?

The studios are climate controlled environments of 23°degrees. We use hydronic heating in Northcote and where possible in Collingwood. Hydronic heating is gentle on your body and the environment. 

We’ll admit on a scorching, hot Melbourne afternoon the temperate may exceed 23°degrees. If you don’t love the heat keep in mind that our Northcote studio tends to be cooler as we’re able to manage the heat with Air Conditioning between classes. Our Collingwood studio replies on a cool breeze and a big fan. Air Conditioning coming soon!

How often should I practice to get the best results?

Two or three classes per week is a great starting point when you’re new to yoga. Many people jump right in, a daily practice is definitely where it’s at. If possible we suggest mixing up the styles such as ‘Vinyasa Flow’ one day and ‘Keep It Mellow’ the next. We also recommend at least one day off from a Vinyasa practice per week so that your body can recuperate. ‘Yin’ is perfect on your off day.

I’m pregnant is it safe to practice?

Congrats! If you already have a regular yoga practice you are more than welcome to attend classes with us. We ask that you provide us with a letter or email from your doctor giving you the all clear to practice. At check in please let the teacher know how many weeks you are. They will discuss which poses you should skip and offer alternatives throughout the class.

If you have never practiced yoga before you would get more out of specialised prenatal classes. Please email us and we can point you in the right direction. We’d love to see you once you’re a mama.

What is your late cancel and no-show policy?

We require students to cancel via the online at least 2 hours prior to the class without penalty. Cancellations will not be accepted via phone, email or social media can. 

If you’ve booked using a ‘Drop In’, or multi class pass any no shows or absences will result in forfeiting that visit. 

If you’re on an unlimited pass (including an intro offer) and don’t attend a booked session or cancel within two hours of the class start time, you will incur a $10 fee. Please read our terms and conditions for more.

What do I need to know to prepare for my class?

  • Refrain from eating one to two hours before the class starts.

  • Wear comfortable clothes.

  • Good Vibes will provide you with quality Manduka Pro Mats, bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets for complimentary use during your class.

  • It’s likely you’ll perspire during class so please bring a towel or rent one from us for $2 at reception.

  • Bring a water bottle. We filtered water available at both studios. We don’t sell bottled water.

  • We have full bathroom facilities and provide showers with all natural body products.

  • Please bring a Good Vibe.

Why is the app asking me to buy services when I have an active pass?

Our class passes activate from the date of the first class you book not from the date you purchase the pass. For example if you buy a ‘5 class pass’ it will be valid for six months from the first class you book. So let say it’s a Monday. You’ve just bought a ‘5 class pass’. You’re excited to practice on Wednesday night so you book into a class. You’ve just activated your pass.

You then might try to book in for a class on Tuesday. You’ll be promoted to pay for this class because class pass has already been activated from Wednesday. But don’t worry just take cancel Wednesdays booking. Your pass will now deactivate. Book in for Tuesday. Your pass is again activated and you can go ahead and book back in for Wednesday.

If you need assistance or the above does not describe your situation please call or email the studio.

Can I pause an intro offer or a 6 or 12 month unlimited pass?

Unfortunately not, these passes are heavily subsidised but can not be paused or extended. Only our auto- debit memberships can be paused.

I’m going on a holiday how do pause my auto-debit membership?

We’re super flexible (pun intended). If you’re heading to the Bahamas, unwell or just have a busy couple of weeks ahead you’re welcome to pause your membership. There is no fee and no limit to how many times you can request a pause. The only condition is that your paused dates must synch up with your fortnightly pay cycles and can not be for less than fourteen days or more than three months.

Requests to suspend memberships must be made in writing by emailing to hello@goodvibesyoga.com.au with seven days notice.

How do I get to Good Vibes Northcote?

Good Vibes Northcote is conveniently located at 116 High St, Northcote, Melbourne VIC 3070 in the heart of the Westgarth shops.

  • 5 minute walk from Westgarth Train Station.

  • 10 minute walk from Merri Train Station.

  • Only a few minutes walk from the Route 86 tram stop.

  • On street parking along High St and neighbouring streets.

How do I get to Good Vibes Collingwood?

Good Vibes Collingwood is located at 62 Easey St, Collingwood, Melbourne VIC 3066. We're the two storey white building on the corner of Easey and Wellington Street. 

  • 5 minute walk from the Route 86 tram stop on Smith.

  • On street parking on neighbouring streets.